About Global

Global presents concerts with both traditional acts as well as contemporary and cutting edge hybrid forms, urban electronic soundscapes and cultural mash ups that question our fixed ideas of nations, borders and genres. For more than 10 years Global has been presenting musical ruptures from around the world exploring acts from all corners of the geographical and musical map.

At Global – the only venue in Scandinavia dedicated to world music – you will experience legends and defining figures in intimate surroundings together with rising stars and brand new discoveries. The programming is based on years of experience and strong networks all over the globe. One of Europe’s leading world music bookers, also booking for Roskilde Festival, is in charge of the program. No matter the style of music, one can always expect high-quality concerts.Visit our poster archive to see the hundreds of bands and artists who have performed at Global.

Ticket sales

The presale of tickets for Global’s concerts is administered by the ticket vendor Billetlugen.dk. If you have questions regarding ticket presales and the use of Billetlugen.dk, please visit their FAQ or contact their contact page.

Student Discount

Students get 20 DKK discount on the ticket price at the door providing that they bring a valid Student ID and if the concert is not sold out.


Make a difference: Become a volunteer at Global! Global Copenhagen is a non-commercial music venue with a unique artistic profile presenting a selection of the best international and national bands. The venue is to a large extent run by dedicated volunteers, who make sure everything runs smoothly before, during and after the concerts. You can also support Global by joining our team of volunteers – in return you will get a lot of unforgettable experiences and help strengthen the diversity of the music scene in Copenhagen. Global has approximately 30 volunteers and the most common is to take two shifts a month, in the bar and in the wardrobe, normally on Fridays or Saturdays between 7 pm and 1.30 am. Furthermore, as a volunteer you can also take shifts as a light engineer, stagehand or photographer. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Global, please write to Global’s production manager Viktor Sämgård at viktor@globalcph.dk to learn more.